Meet Us

Established by Christine Gaffney, Due North operates outside the run-of-the-mill tourist market. The concept is based on the idea of creating personalized and sensational journeys to uncharted destinations across the Nordics for people seeking the exceptional.

Christine’s love for, and comprehensive knowledge of the Nordics, lies at the very heart of what Due North is – a small and highly proficient niche enterprise offering hassle free journeys comfortably devoid of gimmicks, flimsy tour descriptions and promises that can’t be kept.

The Team

Christine Cecilie Gaffney

Founder & CEO

+47 982 81 917

Sara Marie Ytreøy

Chief Operating Officer

+47 481 50 528

Mikaela Rose Mpouma

Client Experience & Brand Coordinator

+47 468 03 479

Carly Singer Curphey

Lead Travel Designer & Education Program Manager

+45 918 16 005

Theresa Bohl

Senior Travel Designer & Market Development Manager

+49 172 83 83 242

Amelie Steding

Business Development Manager

+49 163 76 57 713

A Voyage Within

Due North encompasses three ventures: Due North Travel, Due North Air & Due North Hideaways. We curate unique adventures, that will take you to the true North, from the quaint and discreet, to the wild and magnificent.

The common denominator is exceptional, life-altering, epic adventures under the radar, and with our very own twin-engine helicopter we can bring guests to offbeat, uncharted destinations. It will be more than a journey; it will be a voyage within. Limitless journeys require an unlimited budget.