Your Voyage

A Voyage
Curated to Perfection

Two main objectives characterize the frame of mind with which we run Due North. Love for, and intimate knowledge of the Nordics lie at the very heart of the modus operandi meticulously cultivated over the years by Christine and her team.

A keen eye for details and personal involvement characterize every project undertaken by Due North. We strongly emphasize the value of direct communication with the clients during the planning process – and later, if need be. This practice of getting to know, ideally meet the clients, is invaluable in uncovering their special preferences, needs, interests, and the like.

The positive out-turn of such contacts may add volumes to the clients’ experience – and sometimes leads to a delightful bonus: actually meeting locals who share their interests.

All services offered travelers are personally, and on-the-spot checked by Christine (or an experienced member of her team) – and with a keen eye for details making certain that everything meets the company’s strict demands.

A Voyage
Under the Radar

Trust, Credibility and Discretion are key words characterizing the frame of mind by which Christine and her team work to secure their clients a successful stay in one or more Nordic countries. The efforts to secure our travelers a first-rate adventure is, for us, not just a job like any other. It’s a vocation.

Protecting clients’ privacy permeates all work carried out on behalf of clients. This is, one can imagine, invaluable when creating journeys for those relatively few who, for different reasons, may wish to travel incognito.

In these instances, Christine and her team form a highly focused and competent entourage that hosts or shadows the clients during their travels, ensuring a seamless experience throughout that exceeds expectations.

Due North breaks loose from the run-of-the-mill tourist market, providing travelers with exceptional experiences inaccessible to any ordinary tourist.

A Voyage Within

Due North encompasses three ventures: Due North Travel, Due North Air & Due North Hideaways. We curate unique adventures, that will take you to the true North, from the quaint and discreet, to the wild and magnificent.

The common denominator is exceptional, life-altering, epic adventures under the radar, and with our very own twin-engine helicopter we can bring guests to offbeat, uncharted destinations. It will be more than a journey; it will be a voyage within. Limitless journeys require an unlimited budget.